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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why do viewers dislike watching 'HORROR MOVIES' @ DOMAIN OF HORROR TV ???

we believe our viewers would like to see broadcasted. But - only have less then none
attend for each movie we show on our Website Channel here. We cannot understand
why this is not being supported. If you don't like HORROR MOVIES - we can just shut down.
And not annoy you with our posted updates. We have hope that you, as we do, love HORROR
MOVIES as much. To continue what we do. To bring you HORROR MOVIES
here at out horror website channel here online. 

If only our Website Channel's broadcasts had as much support as our news
media support website @ Domain Of Horror been getting. This isn't happening.

Example: we have noticed online that a website similar to ours. Were ever online across the word.
Gets 23-27 while ares gets 2-3 during broadcasts - we have noticed this fir the last 4-5 yrs. Were the heck are the rest of our viewers world wide ? Their is clearly more then 23 people on the earth - enough to watch our Movie Broadcasts as HORROR FANS. If this is the case. Why do so many attend HORROR CONVENTIONS. Or are they poser HORROR FANS. Excuse if you think this is to blunt. But as children - clicks - to what ever - when a child has a big party woth plenty to do - sends out invites to all their friends, and no one shows up ? Who are they ignoring ? The PARTY or the one its meant for ?

Please leave comments if you will, we'd like your input.

1 comment:

  1. Only just discovered the site tonight, thanks to Facebook. I'm a bonafide horror movie junkie. I probably have more horror movies in my closet than you guys have (literally 1000s) from the silent film era through 2013. But I'm always up for a good flick. You can count on my watching from here on out.